The Cygnus Trio presents engaging, challenging, and interactive programming for audiences of all types, with the humble quest of bringing “classical” music into the everyday guiding their choices (both conventional and unconventional).

Flautist Benjamin Stuchbery, guitarist Jonathan Stuchbery, and violinist Muireann Meiklejohn first came together in Penticton, BC in 2013 to create a group that explored a myriad of musical styles in intimate settings. This group became known as the Cygnus Trio. In 2015, the threesome re-formed in Montreal with Erica Jacobs-Perkins as the violinist. The inaugural recital of the resurrected trio took place at Resonance Café in Montreal in February 2015, which was followed shortly by a performance for revelers during the Nuit Blanche festivities at Christ Church Cathedral Montreal. 

Based in Montréal, Cygnus is dedicated to breathing new life into classical music through a diversity of musical choices and venues. Selections include everything from baroque, to folk songs and dances, to new commissions, which can be heard in churches, cafes, art galleries, private homes, and women’s shelters. Another of their quests is to collaborate in the creation of new music. During their 2016 season, Cygnus gave the world premiere of Charles Zoll’s AMALGAM and in 2017 the trio participated in the Fresh Inc. Festival in Kenosha, WI. As part of this festival, the trio premiered works by participating composers Patrick Walker and Karalyn Schubring. Other composer collaborations include Arie Verheul Van de Ven’s Algoma Highway, which was premiered February 2018, and Anita Perry’s Okanagan Vignettes.  All of these world premieres were recorded for the trio's first album Amalgam, recorded in fall 2018.

In August 2018 the Trio toured their program 'Lost Islands' across Ontario, featuring new music and poetry by Canadian artists in collaboration with actors Paul Hopkins, Blair Williams, and composer Arie Verheul van de Ven.

…. and so their tale is told in great tomes of the greatest, oldest and most secret libraries. 

Benjamin Stuchbery (Baron of the Blustery Grove) 

The intellectual soul of the group,   Baron Benjamin brings the sincerity of deep reflection, and an unrivaled transparency to his interpretations, which form the epoxy that keeps the group grounded and breathing. His execution of passages both delicate and furious are ravishing. 

Erica Jacobs-Perkins (Supreme Empress) 

Her highness Erica is the embodiment of fortitude, and skill. Without her the group would still be rubbing sticks together trying to make fire. Her wit and intelligence keep the Cygnus afloat. Her practiced precision, and uncompromising observation are what furnish the quality of the trio’s interpretations. 

King Jonathan Stuchbery (Protector of the Realm) 

The idiot that wrote these silly bios……he’s good at guitar. *PLEASE READ OUR REAL BIOS IN THE ABOUT MENU*

The Cygnus Trio combines the uncommon traits of fine, versatile musicians with a passion for fostering new music. It was an honor and a pleasure being commissioned by these talented people!”

Charles Zoll, composer

Images by Snostudios photography